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This page is dedicated to providing you with resources and options that we have found beneficial and reputable to homeschool families.

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Find Your Homeschool Style!

This blog includes a quiz and is a fun and informative way to find out what type of homeschool style you have.

Learning Styles

Realistically the more multi-sensory learning is, the better it will be but, we all tend to lean one way more than another. Find out which way your child's leans to help you better reach them. It is important that you know both your predominant style as well as theirs.

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Suggested Reading

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Passion-Driven Education

" Do you need parenting advice on how to  inspire your child to love learning ? Whether you homeschool or send your kids to public or private school, this is  essential reading  for your situation."

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Sharing Nature With Children

"Sharing Nature with Children is not just a book, but a powerful approach to raising nature awareness in children and adults... The author, Joseph Cornell, is one of the most highly regarded nature educators in the world today. His expertise, and his irrepressible enthusiasm for the grandeur and mystery of nature, spill over onto ever page. His unique blend of knowledge and warmth creates an atmosphere for learning that is very contagious."   

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The Unschooling Handbook

"Without bells, schedules, and rules about what to do and when, the knowledge they gain through mindful living and exploration is absorbed more easily and enthusiastically. Learning is a natural, inborn impulse, and the world is rich with lessons to be learned and puzzles to be solved."

"The expert in anything was once a beginner."

Helen Hayes

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