Our Homeschool Programs


This is your journey just as much as it is your child's. We are here to encourage and listen to your concerns and observations. These will highlight where you believe your child is and how they learn best. You are their first teacher, and we are here to empower you along this journey together.

We have 2 Homeschool Support Options:

Homeschool Curriculum and Support



Note: Look for color-coding(   )to see the differences between these two programs.

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Consulting Services

Parent Classes & Speaker Events 

As a means of supporting your educational journey, we will be providing opportunities for you to gain tools and techniques to feel more prepared as your child's teacher. 


We are very excited about the opportunity to help provide fun activities for bonding like Meetups and Field Trips. 

Resources Page

Another way we will be supporting you is through our resource blog with will currently be suggesting virtual options available to your family that we KNOW and TRUST. In the future, we will expand these resources to include in-person opportunities when it is safe to do so.


On-Demand 1-on-1 Tutoring

(Parent and Child)

This is a unique and great feature. As parents, we get overwhelmed and when one of our Executives' children was learning "the new way to do math" aka Common Core Math, a few years back she felt helpless, there was never a tutor for parents! But our program is designed to do just that for BOTH the parents and the children.


    Group Enrichment Classes 

Starting September 2021, we will add our group class options both in-person and virtual. We accept charter funds as well.

This program includes instruction in all CA-required subjects as well as 1 hour of 1-on-1 tutoring sessions as needed in areas of struggle.

Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Art (electives), & PE 

Portfolio Management

K-8 Portfolio Management

To effectively document your child's education, a portfolio is recommended. We will teach you how to do this effectively and will also be a source for managing this for you.

High School Portfolio Management

Just like the K-8 portfolio, your high schooler will need to document their education. There are specific requirements for high school but the primary difference is that this portfolio can affect opportunities in their future. This is a critical step and time in your teens' life. All of these documents need to be saved and we are here to help teach you how to do this and also to offer to manage this for you.

Streamline Submission Process

There is a lot that goes into the homeschooling portfolio and we want to make this an easy process for you.

Our Curriculum 


Connections to Nature and Conservation

Children today spend less and less time outdoors due to multiple factors including technology, Ecophobia, and the fact that we are all just so busy. But, connections with nature are essential to the physical and psychological well-being of children. Together we can stop the cycle.

Standards Aligned

Our curriculum is designed to satisfy the standards set by the state of California's Department of Education. These standards are for grades K-12 and are defined by identifying understanding and skills acquired in connection with the curriculum

Student Friendly

Our goal is that our curriculum is engaging and enjoyable. We believe the most effective way to learn is by utilizing multiple learning styles. Our curriculum is designed to be multi-sensory and all-inclusive. We want to hear from your child. Does your child understand the lesson? Is it engaging? Does the project or activity spark interest? Let us know so we can continue to offer an engaging curriculum to families just like yours.

No Repetitive (Busy) Work

Head2Heart takes education seriously and we are not here to pile up redundant hours and documents that only serve to discourage children from wanting to participate in future lessons. Our lessons are short and sweet so that when you observe they have mastered a certain subject or aspect (i.e. 2+2=4) let's move on!

Easy to Follow & Grade

We believe that the curriculum should not only be enjoyable for your child but also for you. Our entire purpose is to make homeschooling accessible but, how accessible is it - if it is not user-friendly? Do you as a parent understand the lessons so that you can follow along and grade them appropriately? We want to hear from you.

Learning Styles 

Verbal - On-Demand Virtual Packets/Week

Your child's weekly lessons will be made available virtually in a print-ready format for your convenience.

Kinesthetic - Physical Component

Physically engaging with a topic is extremely important and can be very fun and rewarding! Our lessons will not only be active but have connections to both nature and everyday life.

Visual - Engaging Imagery

Colors are essential to a child's development. Our curriculum team has taken great efforts to create lessons that are appealing to the eye and motivating for your child.

Auditory - On-Demand Videos Coming Soon!

It is our intention to offer on-demand videos to support the curriculum in its various stages. Look for this exciting feature by this Spring! However, in the meantime, we will support auditory learning with 1-on-1 tutoring and any supportive and appropriate videos we can find.