Get Involved Today!

It is easier than ever to support Head2Heart Partners in Education and your support is tax-deductible!

Volunteer, donate, and do day-to-day tasks to support us like Shopping at Amazon!

If you are already a volunteer find our volunteer portal by clicking HERE

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Get Involved Today!


We do a lot but we can't do everything, we need you!

We would love to have you join our team as a volunteer. There are many different opportunities to get involved such as;

1. Our Data-Entry Team

2. Tutors

3. Outreach

4. Opportunity Scouting

5. Field trip Guides

6. Curriculum Assistance Team

7. Story Time Reader

8. Marketting Internships (Unpaid)

9. Teacher assist. Internships (Unpaid)

Let us know what you would like to do and we will let you know if we can use your talents!

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Get Involved Today!

Organization & Apps That Donate As You Interact With Them

Ralphs  - Instructions click the PDF: 

Ebay for Charities


Amazon Smile 



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Get Involved Today!


 Help us help families today with your generous donation, we are an approved 501c3

Below are our immediate needs to reach out and help our community!

Sponsorship opportunities:

Support our 'Firm Foundation" Campaign

Sponsor a child/family - $3500/Value  

Sponsor a laptop - $500 Value

Sponsor a classroom (Supplies) - $2000

Sponsor a site - $20,000

Sponsor a Teacher - $40,000 Value

General Donation Fund

Please note that for the General Donation Fund we utilize the Paypal Giving Fund to eliminate extra donation fees.


When you extend your love to support the mission of Head2Heart Partners in Education, you can feel confident that your generosity is truly aiding our mission to eliminate obstacles to inspirational educational opportunities for all families regardless of income. 

Today, access to education is more important than ever and many families do not have the means to afford personal tutoring or curriculum development for their children not to mention a curriculum that fosters and supports community building and conservation. Your donation helps us to maintain, develop and provide these essential services, and more to all families affordably and in a way that best suits their needs.  

We cannot thank you enough for your support and love as we strive to build up our communities and share hope for the future. 

For real estate, stocks, bond, planned giving, or any other type of donation please reach out with the link below so we can work with you on the details.