About Us

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Our Story

Head2Heart Partners in Education (H2HPIE) was born in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and was solidified with the passing of legislation that limited homeschool families' rights and options. The proposed educational options required countless hours of virtual classes with children fixated on a screen rather than interacting and experiencing the world around them.

All of these options did not sit well with us. As parents and passionate educators we decided that the time had come to put all of our great ideas and experiences together and create exactly what we would want for our children but in a way that was accessible to all families.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between alternative education, balanced social-emotional learning, and conservation to create a more sustainable future built within our youth. Secondly, we strive to assist families to identify their educational style and needs, illuminate the resources and options available to them and help them navigate along their own educational journeys regardless of their financial status. Our program is focused on education for the real world and is free from traditions and customs as a means to be all-inclusive and welcoming to those of all faiths and backgrounds. Religion is better taught in the privacy of one's own family unit. Our Head2Heart homeschool programs are designed to foster and support community and family bonding while encouraging conservation of our natural world. This is education without limits, it is your journey and we are your guides.

Meet our CEO

Ramina Arce is a Native American-Veteran and the Chief Executive Officer of Head2Heart Partners in Education. Prior to this venture, she was an Education Specialist for the Living Desert and an Enrichment Center Director in Palm Desert, CA.

While at The Living Desert, she earned multiple certifications through the National Association for Interpretation including Interpretive Guide, Host, Trainer, and Manager.
She is very passionate about interpretation and about helping people to see and reach their own potential.

Through her experiences, she has mastered curriculum development and gained a greater understanding of state and homeschool standards. In addition to these experiences, she has an Associates in Human Services Management and a Bachelors in Environmental Science.

We Need You

Are you excited about what Head2Heart Partners in Education represents? So are we, and we can't do it alone. In the coming months, we will begin our Sustainability Campaign and we need your help! At that time we will be highlighting the many ways wonderful people like you can help touch as many lives as possible. Please click the link below to let us know you are interested in helping out. Thank you!

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